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Jinx Kimmer - Panting Lines

I read a lot of romance. And with all those books come some great lines.

I call them Panting Lines.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy, sometimes sassy. Sometimes downright dirty.

I guarantee that I have read all of the books listed on this page. However, these are not book reviews. Nor are they necessarily recommendations. Just some great lines I’ve come across that I want to share with you so that you can enjoy them, too.

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18+ only, please

NOTE: Sometimes books will be removed from Amazon for whatever reason. I’ll try to keep this page up-to-date, but please forgive me if you occasionally come across a “page not found” when clicking on the links below.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa DareTHE DUCHESS DEAL
by Tessa Dare

“Why would you be naked?” Had she heard him correctly? Had he truly just asked why she would be naked? How could this even be a question?

Holding on to Chaos by Lucy ScoreHOLDING ON TO CHAOS
by Lucy Score

He’d been made for this. Made to pleasure her. Made to make her beg and come and love. He’d never take that responsibility lightly.

Scandalous by R.G. AlexanderSCANDALOUS
by R.G. Alexander

His movements were slow and determined. Decisive and controlled. She knew he didn’t intend them to be seductive, but they were to her. Because she was pathetic.

Commanding Her Seal by Kat CantrellCOMMANDING HER SEAL
by Kat Cantrell

“Are we redefining sex again?” he muttered as his brain melted.

Painted on my Heart by Kindle AlexanderPAINTED ON MY HEART
by Kindle Alexander

“I’ll admit I’ve been jealous.”
“You don’t need to be jealous. You’re all I see.”

Power Game by Christine FeehanPOWER GAME
by Christine Feehan

Flinging her over his shoulder and carrying her off to a cave was looking pretty good to him, especially if he didn’t have to talk.

Down & Dirty: Zak by Jeanne St. JamesDOWN & DIRTY: ZAK
by Jeanne St. James

“Want to give you everything. Everything I have. Everything that is me. It’s all yours, babe. I’m all yours.”

When You Give a Duke a Diamond by Shana GalenWHEN YOU GIVE A DUKE A DIAMOND
by Shana Galen

Not that she wanted him for herself. They would never suit—her being human and he a complete ass.

Down to Ash by Melissa BlueDOWN TO ASH
by Melissa Blue

Liquor may have been the inciting incident, but their unspent lust had paved their road to hell.

Someone To Love by Mary BaloghSOMEONE TO LOVE
by Mary Balogh

He kissed her instead. Devil take it and a thousand and ten damnations, but he kissed her.

Nailed by Brill HarperNAILED
by Brill Harper

This might be as close as I get to sex with a man. I mean, we’re in the same room and everything.

Can't Touch This by Pepper Winters/Tess HunterCAN’T TOUCH THIS
by Pepper Winters/Tess Hunter

I’d fallen for her. I’d fallen so fast and so fucking hard, I was a broken bone heap at the bottom of whatever love cliff I’d been pushed off.

Double Team by Sabrina PaigeDOUBLE TEAM
by Sabrina Paige

“So what’s the opposite of small talk?” I ask. Getting naked. The opposite of small talk is getting naked.

“Super deep talk?” she jokes back. No. It’s getting naked.

Lady Eve's Indiscretion by Grace BurrowesLADY EVE’S INDISCRETION
by Grace Burrowes

What was wrong with a man when he wanted to tell his horse: She petted me first, so don’t get any ideas?

Ruined by the Seal by Zoe YorkRUINED BY THE SEAL
by Zoe York

He needed more of her tongue against his, more of the slick delight of her mouth. More of everything.

Fierce & Fabulous by Elizabeth VarletFIERCE & FABULOUS
by Elizabeth Varlet

It wasn’t a gentle kiss, it was a desperate, aching connection between two souls who pined for each other.

Hot Puck by Skye JordanHOT PUCK
by Skye Jordan

He was the kind of man a woman got serious about. The kind of man a woman changed her life for.

Secrets in Death by J.D. RobbSECRETS IN DEATH
by J.D. Robb

Her breath caught. It always did. That rush, that punch of feelings, the impossible knots of them tangled in that mad swirl of sensation as he took her over as no one else ever had, ever could. Just him, only him, the one who knew her, knew her mind, her body, her often shaky soul. And loved her, simply loved her.

Challenge by Amy DawsCHALLENGE
by Amy Daws

Furthermore, her lips deserve a medal. They deserve a plaque in the castle. They deserve to be honoured and revered and written about in pornographic novels for years to come.

Freeing Zane by Sloane KennedyFREEING ZANE
by Sloane Kennedy

“Love you so much,” he whispered though his voice sounded more like a croak than anything else.

“Show me.”

Love by a Duke by Christi CaldwellLOVED BY A DUKE
by Christi Caldwell

She didn’t want just any gentleman. Quite the opposite. She wanted a certain one. The great big lummox who really didn’t deserve her regard—and yet had it anyway, because of the man he once was, and the man she knew he could be.

Ghost of a Machine by Cynthia SaxGHOST OF A MACHINE
by Cynthia Sax

He gazed back, not moving, their bodies still, linked, their souls, their hearts in tune. Words weren’t necessary.

HOT COP by Laurelin Paige and Sierra SimoneHOT COP
by Laurelin Paige
and Sierra Simone

He pats me down, and I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like how officers really pat people down, or there would be a lot more people talking about it on The View.

Personal Delivery by Ainsley BoothPERSONAL DELIVERY
by Ainsley Booth

I’ve had a lot of first kisses in my life. Some awkward, some hot, some pretty sweet. None have been this right. None have left me with a profound need for more. Not want. Need.

Double or Nothing by Marie CarnayDOUBLE OR NOTHING
by Marie Carnay

She didn’t know where one brother ended and the next began. It was all men, all the time.

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby DixonICE PLANET BARBARIANS
by Ruby Dixon

And even though my every instinct is telling me to find my clothes and get the hell outta Dodge, I don’t move. I’m barely even breathing. When one big hand pushes on my thigh, urging me to spread my legs wider, I do so. I’ll get up and protest in just a minute. Just. A. Minute.